Wellbeing Apps

The following apps provide patients with tools and resources that benefit patients that are sleep deprived, suffering from anxiety and much more.

Currently the top ten apps are as follows:

  1. Sleepio is an online programme that teaches proven techniques to fall asleep faster, stay through and wake up feeling refreshed.
  2. Be Mindful is an online mindfulness course to develop lifelong skills to help manage difficult emotions and better cope with life's stresses.
  3. NHS Sleep and tiredness advice gives comprehensive health information and advice using videos, articles and other resources.
  4. Anxiety UK Support service for people living with anxiety.  It provides information and support via an extensive range of services including 1:1 therapy.
  5.  The Campaign Against Living Miserably Free helpline and web chat support service for men feeling down or depressed for any reason.
  6. Rethink Charity providing expert, accredited advice and information to anyone experiencing a mental health problem.
  7. Mental Health Foundation Website with useful tools and resources for all things related to mental health and wellbeing.
  8. The Mix Online support service providing free, confidential support and counselling for young people under 25.
  9. Living Life to The Full Free online courses based on the principles of cognitive behaviour therapy to learn skills for coping with stress.
  10. SAM Mobile phone app designed to help manage anxiety by building a personalised anxiety management toolkit.

The following links are NHS approved Websites for Depression and Self Harm


Self Injury Support

Depression and Low Mood Resources